Chandragiri Hills in Kathmandu: A day hike/travel

Kathmandu is capital of Nepal, a small Himalayan country in South Asia. Kathmandu also known as a city of temple. We have ancient temples here and there in Kathmandu. Besides, if you are searching to escape from busy roads and market to peace and natural place, then here you are.

Chandragiri Hills, is where you need to be. It is hill station where you can hike, ride or take cable care to mesmerizing view to hill top.

What can do in Chandragiri Hills?

  • Steal scenic beauty of hills around.
  • Mesmerizing white clouds
  • Rhododendron forest in seasons,
  • 3-4 hours hike uphill with dense forest,
  • Have experience of cable car ride,
  • Enjoy family picnic with natural beauty,
  • Roam around jungle,
  • Take in fresh air and meditate

How to reach Chandragiri Hills?

  1. Local vehicles (Bus or micro) are available from Old bus park Kathmandu which is near Ratna Park. It is almost 30 minutes ride but it might vary as per the traffic congestion. Bus fare is quite cheap with costs you less then Rs.35 up to Chandragiri cable care station. But while taking bus please ask them it reaches Chandragiri Godam otherwise you will have to walk a little more. Chandragiri Godam vehicle will take you exact to cable station.
  2. As you reach to cable care station, you can decide whether to take cable car ride or hike up to Chandragiri hills.

With cable car it takes you 10 minutes to reach the top of Chandragiri hill station.

While hiking it takes you 2-3 hours uphill walk depending on your capacity. But it is amazing through the jungle. Site seeing, the hiking way is below the cable care route you can wave them in times.

What are the things you need?

  1. A student card for student discount for cable car ride.
  2. Carry sufficient water and snack or lunch packets if you are hiking. And also better to carry some healthy lunch it you go through cable car as snacks and lunch on top of the hill is bit expensive and only fast foods are available.
  3. Carry your SPF if you want to avoid sunburn and to reapply.
  4. Camera for your memories.
  5. It is always better to go early as in weekends it might get crowded, vehicles are available from old bus park from 6 am onward.

To find more watch:

How did you find the place? Please do let me know!

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